Food Allergy Testing

Unlike an immediate food allergy, food intolerance, also known as delayed (hidden) food allergy and food sensitivity, is much more commonly involved in immune reactions to foods. In fact, 76-80% of the population not responding to conventional medicine are likely to have this type of reaction to foods compared to the 2-3% who have immediate food allergies.


Food intolerance occurs when the immune system creates an overabundance of an antibody known as Immunoglobulin G (IgG) to a specific food. The IgG antibodies bind directly to the food as it enters the bloodstream, forming different sizes of so-called circulating immune complexes. The allergic symptoms in this type of immune reactions are delayed in onset, appearing anywhere from a couple of hours to several days after consuming allergic foods.


Delayed food reactions may occur in any organ or tissue in the body and have been linked to either causing and/or provoking over 109 allergic symptoms and more than 98 different medical conditions.


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